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Create Multimedia Component using Core Service Java Client

I recently stumbled upon the following question on TREX: I had never actually attempted to upload a Binary and create a Multimedia Component using the Core Service. So I was intrigued how to achieve that. The solution is pretty straightforward, but it does contain two steps: First, upload the Binary to the TCM; Second, create the Multimedia Component referencing the path on TCM where the binary had been uploaded; The sample code below accomplishes the first step: private   static  File uploadFile(File file) {      try  {          byte [] fileData =  new   byte [( int ) file.length()];         DataInputStream dis =  new  DataInputStream( new  FileInputStream(file));         dis.readFully(fileData);         dis.close();         IStreamUpload clientUpload =                 CoreServiceFactory. getStreamUploadBasicHttpClientClient ();