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sdl-healthcheck as Windows Service

This post describes how to convert the 'sdl-healthcheck' application to a Windows Service. SDL-healthcheck is a Java application that creates a webservice around the SDL Web microservices in order to provide monitoring (heart beat) checks on them. Mark van der Wal wrote the application and provided startup and stop Shell scripts. My requirement was to have the same application installable and executable as Windows Service. Therefore, I had to wrap the Java application inside a service container and provide start, stop hooks for the service. I know that SDL Web Content Delivery microservices are also Java applications using Spring Boot, so my approach was to use the same mechanism to make the Java application run as Windows Service. The service container used is 'procrun.exe' daemon from Apache Commons . Depending on the arguments passed to it, it can perform different Windows Service functionality such as install, remove service, start/stop service. I ended