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AWS RDS Backup Restore

This post describes a backup/restore procedure for the Content Manager database in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment). The database is a MSSQL instance running on as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). The existing database is from an SDL Tridion 2013 environment, and as such, after the restore in the new SDL Web 8.5 environment, it will have to be upgraded to SDL Web 8.5. Performing the backup implies taking the database offline and executing the stored procedure: exec msdb.dbo.rds_backup_database 'Tridion_cm_2013' , 'arn:aws:s3:::mybackup/Tridion_cm_2013.bak' The procedure is described in Performing the restore implies executing the following stored procedure in the new RDS database: exec msdb.dbo.rds_restore_database 'Tridion_cm_2013' , 'arn:aws:s3:::mybackup/Tridion_cm_2013.bak' , '' While the restore is running, you

Unattended SDL Web 8.5 Installation

In a recent project, we had the requirement to install the SDL Web 8.5 Content Manager and the Publisher using script only (aka an unattended installation). I knew about the existence of such an unattended installation, but I for one, have never attempted it. The feature is clearly documented in . All the prerequisites must still be fulfilled before the actual unattended installation can take place: In Server Manager: Server Roles: Web Server (IIS) Features: .NET Frameowrk 4.6 ASP.NET 4.6 WCF Services (all of them, including other features needed as dependencies) Web Server Role (IIS) Role Services Common HTTP Features (all of them) Health & Diagnostics (all) Performance (all) Security (all) Install Java Runtime Environment Content Manager DB must be created in advance. MTS user must be created in advance. Once all prerequisites are met, I was