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Showing posts from March, 2017

Autoscaling Publishers in AWS

This series of blog posts presents in detail the setup of Tridion Publishers autoscaling as implemented for Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Originally, I was inspired by Julian's post about  Using AWS to Scale SDL Web Publishers . I used this post to have an initial setup and then I completed it with more features like license management and more monitoring. These are the steps that I took: Publishing Queue metrics in CloudWatch CloudWatch alarms Launch Configuration License management Auto Scaling Group Scaling Policies Terminate Lifecycle Hook

Running sp_updatestats on AWS RDS database

Part of the maintenance tasks that I perform on a MSSQL Content Manager database is to run stored procedure sp_updatestats . exec sp_updatestats However, that is not supported on an AWS RDS instance. The error message below indicates that only the sa  account can perform this: Msg 15247 , Level 16 , State 1 , Procedure sp_updatestats, Line 15 [Batch Start Line 0 ] User does not have permission to perform this action. Instead there are several posts that suggest using UPDATE STATISTICS instead: I stumbled upon the following post from 2008 (!!!), , which describes a way to wrap the call to sp_updatestats and execute it under a different user: create procedure dbo.sp_updstats with execute as 'dbo' as