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Create User from JavaScript Client Using CoreService

This post presents some sample code on how to create a Tridion user from JavaScript client using the CoreService. It is based on the setup presented in previous posts and it only makes use of JQuery library. The logic below is also assigning the newly created user to certain Tridion Groups identified either by TCMURI, Name or Description. This means the code will first call the CoreService to retrieve a list of groups, then identify those we need to assign the user to, then create the UserData object with all group memberships set, and then finally send the request to create the user to CoreService. The code below is to be inserted into the ServiceProxy class. The entry point is the createUser method, which takes as parameters the user account, user name, and an array of groups to assign the new user. It also takes a success and fail callback functions. The code makes use of a number of classes defined below, such as UserData , GroupMembershipData , LinkToGroupData , etc. The