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A Donut Cache Implementation for DD4T

I was presenting in a previous post " A Simple Output Cache ", in the form of a Java Servlet filter that was caching requests to DD4T pages and subsequently serve them from cache. In this post I am enhancing the output cache idea to make it more flexible. Namely, this post presents a donut cache solution that allows for caching parts of the page output. In Tridion terminology, the donut cache will allow a Tridion developer to specify at Component Presentation level which CP to cache and which not to cache. To make it even more flexible, the Page Template itself can be configured to allow being cached entirely or not. The control over what PT/CT is cached is specified in Tridion CM by making use of metadata on the respective template. As such, I defined a metadata field " cache " that I added to the CT/PT Metadata Schema. The field can have two values only, based off a predefined list -- "true" or "false". When false, it indicates the output o

CAS Single Sign-On Integration

The Concept In this post I'll explain how to integrate CAS ( Central Authentication Service ) with Tridion Content Manager. This is a back-end integration, which will allow users with a CAS login access Tridion Content Manager GUI and other back-end modules (e.g. Template Builder, Content Porter, etc) using their CAS login. Explaining the inner workings of CAS is not in the scope of this post (have a look at this wiki for more information ). Also a familiarity with Tridion SSO is recommended, but not necessary. I think the documentation does a good job explaining the basics of SSO and Tridion and how to enable/configure it. Check it out on here (login required). In a nutshell, this is how single sign-on works with Tridion back-end: SSO software authenticates a user and places the login and user name in a request header that is forwarded to Tridion; Tridion GUI (the web application) reads this user name and login and authorizes the user against the Tridion users in the Con